CARLEX WB-9854 9.5mm Black Cobalt & 18kt White Gold Links - Comfort-Fit

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Carlex makes each ring to order, uniquely for you. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Carlex wedding bands have been designed and crafted with the most innovative and cutting edge techniques to construct its perfect edges and its revolutionary comfort fit! Each CARLEX ring features a laser engraved unique serial number exclusive to the owner and pertains to its Manufactures Lifetime Warranty! The Carlex collection is designed and constructed to the highest standards in the industry. Carlex wedding rings are truly remarkable!      

WB-9854RB  WB-9854YB  WB-9854BW 
Black Cobalt
& Rose Gold

Black Cobalt
& Yellow Gold 

White Gold 
& Black Cobalt
WB-9854WW-S WB-9854WC-S   WB-9854WW-Z
18kt White Gold White Gold
& White Cobalt

Carlex Lifetime Warranty

Carlex guarantees the quality of each and every ring. Anytime throughout the life of a Carlex ring, it may be returned to any authorized Carlex dealer for refinishing and refurbishing.

This process takes approximately 10 business days and is done at no charge. The only fee encountered will be shipping charges. If at anytime diamonds are lost or chipped they will be replaced at no charge. We do our best to make sure every Carlex wedding band is always looking as magnificent as it should.

Precious Metal Guarantee

Carlex assures that every ring contains the exact purity and quality of gold or platinum that is stamped inside the ring.

Carlex Diamond Warranty

All Carlex diamond bands have a lifetime warranty against chipping and diamond loss.