TORQUE Black & White Cobalt 9mm Comfort Fit Ring - CBB-0022

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TORQUE by Crown Ring

Style # CBB-0022

This 9mm black & white cobalt is coated with an incredibly resilient black carbon-based finish. The diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) holds up to scratching and every day wear, so this quality jewelry doesn't break, shatter or chip. The color doesn't fade either, making it possible for CrownRing to offer a lifetime guarantee.

Because of its tremendous strength, Cobalt bands are shatterproof and will not crack. The rare combination of attributes allows Crown Ring to transform the unusual Cobalt alloy into an extremely wear resistant mirror like polish.

Crown Ring Lifetime Warranty

All of our cobalt rings have a lifetime warranty against any breaking or discoloration. Diamonds are warranted for 1 year from the invoice date.

Craftsmanship Guarantee

Apart from regular wear, we will repair or replace your ring if there is a problem, at our option, for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase.

Cobalt Repair/Returns

Every ring must be sent back to CrownRing with a Return Authorization (RA) number to be repaired or re-finished. Unless the issue is identified and confirmed as a manufacturer's defect, this service will be provided at the customer's expense.

Voiding a Cobalt Warranty

Please be advised that any second or third party alterations to the band will automatically void the warranty.