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TORQUE Tungsten Carbide BeveledEdge Satini Finish Comfort Fit 8mm - TU0008

TORQUE by Crown Ring

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Tourque Tungsten Product Information

Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal. We use Tungsten carbide which makes this metal gain extreme hardness when it is combined with a carbon alloy that in turn transforms it into Tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium, and twice as hard as steel. A Tungsten carbide ring is visually stunning with its light gray color and durable enough for every day use. You are no longer required to remove your ring in order to protect its finish. All our rings are made with a small amount of nickel as a binder and do not contain any cobalt. We are proud of the fact that our tungsten collection is virtually scratch proof and will not bend out of shape. All of these bands have a comfort-fit style, providing the best possible comfort while wearing the ring.


Tungsten Discoloration
- All our Tungsten carbide rings are made with minimal amounts of nickel.
- Our Tungsten carbide is cobalt free.

We recommend avoiding polishing, steaming and cleaning your ring with any harsh chemicals.

Tungsten bands do not react to sunlight, salt water or anything that your body emits.

Over time dirt, oils from your skin, food, alcohol from cosmetics and other day to day substances can build up on a band. This could obscure the lifetime shine of a tungsten band.

Torque by Crown Ring Tungsten Lifetime Warranty All of our Torque Tungsten rings are covered by a lifetime warranty against scratches, breakage and discoloration. Tungsten Diamond Warranty All Diamonds are covered for 1 year from the date invoiced. Every diamond in your ring has been carefully examined for specific standards of cut, color and clarity. Each stone is precisely graded and matched with other stones where used in the ring. Tungsten Repair/Return Every ring must be sent back to CrownRing with authorization to be repaired or re-finished at the customer's expense, unless it is a manufacturer's defect. Voiding a Tungsten Warranty Please be advised that any alterations to the band will automatically void the warranty. Craftsmanship Guarantee Apart from regular wear, we will repair or replace your ring if there is a problem, at our option, for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase. "